The Founder, the Football Legend and the Preacher

FCA founder Don McClanen (left), football legend Otto Graham (center) and Dr. Robert “Jack” Robinson (right), a former basketball star at Baylor University and the pastor at First Baptist Church of Augusta at the time the photo was taken, meet at the airport in Augusta, Ga., December, 1957. Looking closely at the photo, one can see the airplane passengers watching the photo being taken through their windows, presumably star-struck at the presence of Graham.

McLanen spent much of the early years of FCA traveling throughout the United States, meeting with athletes and donors to gain their support for the organization, and also taking part in various FCA functions and events. Graham and Robinson were major supporters and often spoke on behalf of FCA.

Graham and Robinson were among the 19 then-current and former athletes that McClanen wrote a letter to in 1954 telling them of his desire to build an organization of and for Christian athletes. All three gentleman were instrumental in the building and growth of FCA in the movement’s infancy.

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