New Bold and Beautiful Women’s Resource Published


Many qualities make a female athlete unique—her drive, dedication, God-given talents and even her femininity. A new FCA study created specifically for college-aged female athletes addresses all of these unique qualities, while helping them to become closer to God and unite as a team.

“Bold and Beautiful” is a 10-session study aimed at college-aged female athletes and designed for a team or group setting. By providing a biblical perspective on the issues faced by many female athletes—matters such as identity, body image, comparison, shame and control—female athletes will better understand true beauty and how a strong and competitive spirit can be godly and feminine.

Helping to lead the project was Donna Noonan, FCA’s National Director of Events and Women’s Staff Development. Noonan has been on the FCA staff since 2004 after spending most of her career in college athletics. In her role with FCA, she oversees the ministry’s national coaches, donor and staff events, as well as women’s staff development to help them thrive in their ministry to female athletes and coaches through training, resources and leadership development.

“For many years, FCA has known that resources specifically designed for female athletes are vitally important,” Noonan said. “We hope that ‘Bold and Beautiful’ will help them uncover their potential as strong, godly female competitors who are walking in freedom from the enemy’s lies that deal with performance, perfectionism, body image, identity, idolatry and even the most basic of all God-given characteristics, femininity. The truth of the Bible can break through these lies, and young women, especially, need help sometimes in identifying as a daughter of God—someone who is both strong and soft, fierce and tender, bold and beautiful.”

Added FCA President and CEO Les Steckel, “Women have a greater presence in the world of sports than ever before. This country’s fascination with the Women’s World Cup earlier this summer attests to that. Girls are starting to play sports at a younger age, progressing through the college ranks and making a name for themselves in professional sports, too. FCA wants to help all of these amazing athletes succeed and impact others for Christ—both on and off the field.”

“Bold and Beautiful: Becoming the Female Athlete God Created You to Be” was written by Jill Lee, a former editor of FCA Magazine for nine years, and now a communications director at a Kansas college and a freelance writer.

One unique feature of the “Bold and Beautiful” study is a social media component, the Rally Cry, which is a weekly go-to phrase that allows participants to encourage one another throughout the week.

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