FCA Founder Don McClanen Passes Away

FCA mourns the passing of its founder, Don McClanen, who died at the age of 91 on Feb. 16, 2016. His dedicated vision for a sports ministry that would touch the lives of coaches and athletes around the world propelled FCA to what it is today. And it began with a spark of passion, deeply rooted in McClanen’s heart.

Said Les Steckel, FCA President and CEO, “If there is ever a question about what God can do with a life totally surrendered, called and risking all to follow His vision, we can point to a young basketball coach from Oklahoma, who in 1954 saw the potential of athletes and coaches to share the gospel with the world. Sixty-two years later, that vision is alive and well through FCA, influencing lives for Christ across the globe—an amazing legacy. We praise God for the life of Don McClanen.”

Read more about McClanen’s legacy at his tribute page and FCA Magazine feature story.

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