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The official chartering date of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes was November 10, 1954. On that day, in Norman, Okla., the organization’s first set of bylaws were approved and the State of Oklahoma issued a charter to an organization named Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

“The bylaws came about through a man named O.C. Glenn, the business manager at St. Luke’s Methodist Church, a church in Oklahoma City,” Don McClanen recollects. “O.C. knew how to set up the bylaws. We knew we needed a Board of Directors and that we needed tax-free status as an organization. At that time, Norman was the citadel of sports and the University of Oklahoma had just become national champions in football. So that was why the bylaws and chartering process took place in Norman.”

From  the book, Impact for Christ: How FCA Has Influence the Sports World, by Wayne Atcheson.

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  1. Brett Yohn

    I was a 7 year old living in Norman–attending First Baptist Church. Lots of OU player attended. I was in awe of them as well as Bud Wilkinson. The players were very outspoken about Christ and gave their testimonies in church. OU always had an active FCA group. When I was a student there, I led a huddle though I was not an athlete. Moved to Lincoln, in 1972 as a campus pastor. Met Tom Osborne when he was an assistant coach. Together we led a Nebraska huddle. FYI– I am a Husker fan with OU as my “back up” team.

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