“All In”: 2014 Camp Report

The 2014 FCA Camp season was about living ALL IN. Based on Colossians 3:17, campers were challenged to take a leap of faith and commit 100% to Jesus Christ as they go ALL IN, body, mind and spirit, for their sport and faith. A record-breaking year, 86,557 coaches and athletes attended 516 FCA Camps across the world, with 10,137 of them making first-time commitments to Christ.

FCA provides seven different camp types to fit the needs of coaches and athletes: Sports Camp, Leadership Camp, Coaches Camp, Power Camp, Team Camp, Partnership Camp and International Camp. Life-changing impact of a deeper understanding and love of Jesus through athletics has been the main focus of FCA Camp since its inaugural year in 1956.

When you’re ALL IN there is no limit to what God can accomplish through you.

Quotes from FCA Camp Attendees:

“FCA Camp made me realize the right way to live and to put God before everything else, including sports.”  -FCA Camper

“FCA Camp definitely influenced my life to love and follow Jesus Christ with an ‘All In’ commitment.”  -FCA Camper

“As a coach from a Christian college, I was not prepared for how mightily God would challenge me at an FCA Camp for youth. The camp director, chaplain, Huddle leaders, and all the staff were there to help kids discover Jesus through sport. Camp was motivational, inspirational, and an experience I will carry with me throughout the year.”  -FCA Camp Coach

2014 Quick Facts:

• Number of Camps: 516

• Attendance: 86,557

• First-Time Commitments to Christ: 10,137

• Recommitments to Christ: 9,642

• States with Camps: 40

• Countries with Camps: 33


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