1. David O'Grady

    Of the multitude of events and happenings that have made up my life, my attending the FCA camp in Colorado in 1967 has stayed with me and been an anchor through all of my growing up years even unto today. I took/kept my FCA bible that was given to me at the conference close at hand during two tours of Viet Nam, and a lifetime of trials and tribulations, exceedingly great joy, a marriage of now over 45 years, three beautiful daughters and now their families. I worked 30+ years as a court reporter in the Ventura County Superior Court where I reported everything from the simple shop lifting to numerous death penalty cases…. I mention that because having to vicariously experience such horror on a daily basis in the courtroom as well as at night at home when I had to transcribe court proceedings, it was always my Fellowship of Christian Athletes Bible I would pull out to find comfort, peace of mind and the true escape from the darkest kind of evil man or woman could do…. I’m now 65 and still keep this Bible by my side and although I don’t read from it every day, I do read scripture and keep my study going…. With all of me I thank you for the impact that you have had on my life and consequently now as I look back over the years, the lives of everyone I have been blessed to know… I pray our Lord continues to bless your service to the youth of our day…
    Your brother in Christ,
    David O’Grady,

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